Honoring Civil War Vets and the Fight for Freedom

Volunteers from YFJ accompanied William Stump, the junior vice commander of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) Chapter 124, to replace headstones in the East Yard Cemetery.

The cemetery, which is part of the First Presbyterian Church, is home to six Civil War Veterans, two of whom served in the Colored Infantry and risked execution or enslavement to join the fight. One of those soldiers, Ebenezer Peterson, had his headstone replaced. The second headstone went to Joseph Hyatt. Check out the story in the Yorktown News. Special thanks to Mike Mattone, Brendan Murphy, Kevin Dart, and William Stump.

Kevin Dart, William Stump, Michael Mattone and Brendan Murphy stand behind Ebenezer Peterson’s new headstone.
Photo Credit: Rachel Frederick