Get involved

Every voice and helping hand member helps make Yorktown the best it can be for all.

  • Want to work alongside other Yorktowners to help shape local policy and government?
  • Interested in serving on new town boards?
  • Are you an artist, or do you want to work with artists to bring cultural events to town like music, film screenings and festivals? 
  • Do you believe that critical thinking, equity, and civic engagement are paramount in school reform and community-based education?

Yorktown for Justice partners with a range of community organizations including town government, Yorktown Police Department, Parks and Recreation, event planning groups, and both the Yorktown and Lakeland Boards of Education.

We welcome thoughtful and respectful discussion, and we look for opportunities to make big impacts no matter if the issues are big or small. 

Contact us to get connected.  We’d love to have you!