Yorktown for Justice is a local grassroots collaborative focused on creating community & working for justice.

About us

Yorktown for Justice is a nonprofit 501(c)3, grassroots membership organization taking on big issues at the local level. We bring together our residents and neighbors in fun and creative ways to work collaboratively towards equity and justice in our community through education, advocacy and activism. 

We strive towards a material change in the quality of life for everyone living in Yorktown. We are actively working to make changes that address social inequities evident in our local area; partnering with community members and various administrations and local establishments on issues of inclusivity, diversity, and multicultural appreciation and celebration. 

Let’s work together to strive to be a stronger community, a better community.  Because we’re better together.

Who we are

We are parents and teachers, students and caregivers. Police officers and local legislators. Clergy members and social activists. We come from different backgrounds, cultures and religions, yet all work together for equity, safety and community for all. 

We envision a hometown where every person feels safe and welcome, where mutual respect and collaboration flourish, where people with the means to help others do so out of the care in their hearts. We reject all forms of oppression and regressive ideologies, and believe that democracy is only at its best when every voice is heard, because every voice matters.

What we do

Although not always easy to identify, racism, sexism, ableism and various other forms of intolerance and systemic oppression are very real and consequential issues, even here in the town we love to call home. 

Yorktown for Justice is committed to bolstering social, racial and economic equity via community events, educational workshops, art and music functions, charitable food and clothing drives and much, much more.

We work with local organizations that share our beliefs in a better place for all and take on issues that make our wonderful community members’ lives better while promoting and supporting the political and ideological movement toward transformational change.