Thank You, Urgent Care!

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Amidst the latest COVID surge, our local urgent cares have been working hard to ensure our community receives the necessary healthcare we need. We want to show a small token of gratitude by treating them to some goodies! It is the least we can do for our healthcare heroes who care for us every day. We see you, we appreciate you, we NEED you!

We hope to be able to gift every local urgent care with gifts of appreciation in the coming weeks.

Donate to our Go Fund Me:

Fiscal Update: We raised over $700!!! We were able to send treats to 7 locations: AFC in Yorktown Heights, Northwell Health in Yorktown Heights, Caremount Urgent Care in Yorktown Heights, Caremount Labs in Jefferson Valley, Pulse MD in Mohegan Lake, Physician One in Cortlandt Town Center, and Sun River Health in Peekskill. The average expenditure for each location was around $106 for a total of $744.49. Some goodies that were sent included empanada trays from Izla, coffee and munchkins from Dunkin, pizza from Maria’s and more! The Urgent Care staff express heartfelt gratitude for thinking of them and treating them. Thank you to all who helped send a little bit of joy to these incredible hard working healthcare heroes. We appreciate you all! Thank you!!!

This GoFundMe campaign is now closed as of January 24, 2022.

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