Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our local school boards have seen contentious debate this summer over proposed DEI measures. We’ve heard that the opposition conflates DEI with Critical Race Theory, which the mainstream right wing news media has spent months and millions vilifying, despite clarification from YCSD and LCSD superintendents that CRT is a post collegiate area of study and not in the K-12 system. We’ve seen petitions against DEI and calls to cease and desist. We’ve heard the charges of Marxism again and again. It can be really confusing for anyone looking for information without all the noise. So what is DEI anyway? We’ve put together an informational flyer. Feel free to repost and share around.

Yorktown for Justice unequivocally supports all DEI measures to be implemented in our schools. It is far past time for all students to feel safe, supported, welcomed, and celebrated. DEI proactively works to make our communities more inclusive spaces and attempts to reduce hate, bigotry, and violence against marginalized people groups. As always, email us with questions and maybe we’ll see you at a YCSD or LCSD board meeting! Join us!

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