AAPI Vigil

We stand together against hate in all its forms.

On April 10 at Jack DeVito Memorial Field, a crowd gathered to honor the victims of the recent crimes against the Asian community, as well as to remember all who have had to lose their lives over the course of history as a result of bigotry, white supremacy, colonialism, and hatred.

We heard from local politicians including Vishnu Patel, Matt Slater, and Vedat Gashi as well as many community members who felt compelled to publicly condemn hate and speak of personal experiences in a very moving expression of solidarity. A White Plains woman, Linda Toh, sent in a story be read to the crowd in a call for reflection following an attack on her mother, Nancy Toh, last month in White Plains. Please read her message below –

Dear friends,

I apologize I couldn’t see you all today. My mom, Nancy Toh, is healing. Her bruises are gone but her pride is hurt. Thank you for your kindness to her…in your thoughts and prayers. Tonight I grieve for our sisters and brothers who have died as a result of hate. I pray for peace to come over America and into the hearts of its people. What can we do with this violence? Everyone of us has to spread love and kindness…check on our Asian american neighbors who are traumatized…years of microaggression and harrassment that they endured is coming out as they feel each blow and cut and insult…when they watch the news.
Collectively…we can ask for laws to protect Asian Americans…ask community leaders to create self defense programs and create a network of care…To all Asian american churches.and Christians..this is your time to come forth and be involved in creating peace.if you stay silent…you are not fulfilling your command to be ambassadors of Christ…To my Asian American youth…be the voice that leads your generation …look at the long history of your past generations who’ve lived through lynchings and massacres, exclusions and discriminations…you are the hope and treasure of your families and communities..please get together on social media, in person…get involved ,speak out and speak up…organize and protest, boycott…be the spirit of resistence to hate. We have to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Gathered in solidarity.

Councilman Vishnu Patel

Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater

Local activist Jennie Sunshine speaks out.
Local activist and housing board member Maura Gregory


Hate has no place anywhere, but any culture will be protected by anyone.
Only love

Stop the hate
Stop Asian hate
No hate

Hate has no home here.
Local youth chalked the walk with inspirational art

Stand Up

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