Black History Month Community Art Project

Calling the kids of Yorktown and quilters of all ages!  Celebrate Black History month by participating in Yorktown for Justice’s quilting project! 

Quilting is a way that all of us can connect individual expressions to one piece of art, representing each participant *and* the community we share. It has deep roots in African American history. (Did you know that quilting was used in the Underground Railroad as a way to communicate?!)  Our quilt will celebrate Black history and Black history in the making–and pay homage to the innovation and creativity of the art form–communicating strength, love, and the power of leadership.   

Want to participate?  Great!  It wouldn’t be the same without you.   We have FREE bags of mixed fabric and scraps from generous donations received by Fabric Mart and Girl Scout Troop 2540 for you.  The baggies will be available for pick up on Saturday February 13 from 10-12 at the JV mall (just look for our table!) and at the John C Hart library’s porch pick.  (Can’t make pick up but want to be a part of the quilt?  Reach out to us at the email below.)  Participants can enter a raffle provided by the Lovestruck Relay for Life Team. But there’s more!  

Join our zoom on Monday February 15 at 10am!  During our zoom, two elementary school teachers from the community will run an informational session that reviews suggested themes for the quilt squares- Kindness, Black History/Black History in the Making, and Freedom– and provide links to lots of cool stuff like books and read alouds, an interview with young author Egypt Bush, and a tutorial on putting a square together. We’ll also answer any questions you have.  

Check out the Google Slideshow and tutorial.

Join our Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 978 2841 7556
Passcode: 804448


Watch our recorded zoom meeting:


Passcode: g*Fzp0B8

On Saturday February 27 between 10-12, please drop off your masterpiece at the John C Hart Library or the JV Mall. Stay tuned in the coming months for our public display announcement!

Feel free to reach out with any questions that can’t

xo Yorktown for Justice 

p.s.  A very special thank you to the JV mall and the John C Hart library for making this project possible! 


Courtesy of Team Love Struck our raffle winners are Jenna Jaramillo (candle, notebook, planner) and Taheera and Susannah Mushatt (peanut butter and jelly slime).

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